Escape The Yellow Sub

Liverpool's Beatles Inspired Escape Room

Pepperland is under siege. The Blue Meanies have sabotaged the Yellow Submarine and you are trapped as the countdown to missile launch begins. Only you can stop nuclear war!

You are 'locked' in a submarine and the missiles are about to launch. You have 50 minutes to stop the destruction of the world. Solve puzzles, brainteasers and riddles to find the keys to stop the launch sequence.

Escape Yellow Sub is a fun experience for escape game and Beatles fans. It is a submarine escape game in Liverpool, what other colour could it be?!

Who Can Play?

From 2 to 5 players at a time


Beatles Fans

What trip to Liverpool, home of The Beatles, would be complete without experiencing some Yellow Submarine fun. Make your holiday more memorable by visiting the Escape The Yellow Submarine.


Special Events

Looking for something different and exciting? Then the Escape The Yellow Submarine is for you! A fantastic family day out, even dad will enjoy it! Can you save Pepperland?


Escape Room Fans

Fan of escape games? Then make sure you try out our magical mystery room. Defeating the Blue Meanies is the name of the game. See if you can do it quickly enough to top our leaderboard!

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